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Gemstone Frog Jewelry Rings, Earrings & Necklaces

It is mainly due to its affordability that costume frog jewelry has become a hot favorite amongst fashion enthusiasts. You can go in for frog jewelry items and save a lot of money, if you find frog jewelry in precious metals like sterling silver and 14K gold. Gemstone frog jewelry is very noticeable even from far just as diamond frog jewelry is. Youngsters such as teenagers have made this costume jewelry in frog designs a complete fashion statement. Costume frog jewelry is fabricated in beautiful designs and designed with a lot of creativity as well.

Gemstone Frog Ring

Besides expensive metals, jewelry in frog designs is also made from metals, plastic, wood etc, which are comparatively cheaper. If you want to enhance your appearance, flaunt some effective and attractive designs in frog jewelry. You can buy the best rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets with frog designs. This jewelry can be carried around with great ease and there is no special care involved. This enables you to wear frog jewelry wherever you go. It is difficult to keep taking care or frog jewelry in expensive metals, hence if you want to flaunt it on a regular basis then there is no need to hesitate from alloys and organics.

Gemstone Frog Jewelry

Gemstone frog jewelry can be worn repeatedly without getting too common and you can also consider a variety of other materials used in the making. Without spending too much of money you can look your hottest in frog jewelry online. Even if the jewelry is not too expensive, it does involve a lot of money for sure as far as craftsmanship goes. This increases the need to take a lot of care of this costume frog jewelry so as to increase its durability. Gold plated or silver plated frog jewelry which is non precious is sold in many of the stores these days, both offline as well as online.

The Meaning of Yellow Sapphire Earrings

All colors have different meanings and different feelings that they bring out in people. Because everyone has different feelings that they want to show the world, everyone likes different colors. This is the reason why a lot of people like sapphires, because they come in so many different colors. One of the most purchased colors of sapphires would be the yellow sapphire earrings. This is a very warm color that should be worn by a warm-hearted person. Yellow sapphire earrings have a very uplifting feel to them, and this has to do a lot with the very rich color of them. This is a very happy color, and can make people feel good just by looking at it.

Pradiolite and Sapphire Earrings

There are many different reasons to by sapphire earrings, but I think the best reasons is because they come in so many different colors. One of the most popular colors right now is the yellow sapphire earrings. This is a very happy color, and because of that, it has the power to lift up peoples' spirits, and keep them happy all the time. The color yellow itself is associated with things like happiness, joy, energy and even some intellect. Just like the sun, the color yellow produces a very warming effect on not only your body, but your mind too. I think that the best thing about yellow sapphire earrings is the fact that it is said to even stimulate mental activities. This stimulation of the brain can actually help your body generate muscle energy. Now if you ask me, that is one magic pair of earrings.

Citrine and Sapphire Earrings

However, there is a lot more to yellow sapphire earrings than meats the eye. Although yellow sapphire earrings evoke pleasant feelings, they can also have a bad effect if it's overused. When wearing yellow sapphire earrings you may want to wear only things that have small amounts of yellow in them.

All About Buying Antique Ruby Rings

There has been a surge in popularity of antique jewelry, in particular antique ruby rings. Ornate styles and large stones in delicately crafted designs unlike that of modern jewelers is finding appeal with today's young people. Some people are discovering antique ruby rings by accident in the form of family heirlooms handed down, while others might stumble across them unexpectedly while shopping. Whatever one's reason for collecting and wearing antique ruby rings, there is a lot a collector needs to know on the subject.

Antique Ruby Engagement Ring

There has been a recent surge in the collection of antique jewelry. Some jewelry makers have even tried to model new pieces after antique ones as a nod to antique jewelry trends. Collectors are seeking the pieces for their personal collections, as are people who are finding appeal in the different style of an era that has long past. Recent trends in jewelry were for sleek, simple styles up until a few years ago. Then, there was a focus on antique jewelry. Antique jewelry tended to be a bit more ornate, complicated, delicate, and individual. This has high appeal to a generation that seeks to be different while looking back at generations past for inspiration also. Jewelry and fashion have not been exceptions.

Antique Silver Ruby Ring

Antique ruby rings were often varied in size. Stones were either one large stone or the design was comprised of several smaller ones to create the illusion of a large stone, a design, or sometimes even something as complicated as the appearance of an animal. Most jewelry made today is not this ornate and complicated, and one reason why collectors search for pieces tirelessly. Jewelry made in the past was also made differently, by hand, so each piece is slightly different and slight variances should be expected. Gold content at the time many rings were made was higher, so antique rings might bend easier, a word of caution to collectors and antique ring wearers.

A Brief Guide to Diamond & Sapphire Rings

Diamond and sapphire rings have been part of lore and legend in many countries. You can find many historical references pointing out their importance even centuries ago. The reason for the popularity of diamond and sapphire rings can be explained by the fact that both these metals are precious and very rare metals. This also explains the exorbitant prices of diamond and sapphire rings. Although they cost a lot, people still hanker after possessing them. Celebrities are the ones who have made them famous. These rings project a kind of image, that of sophistication and success, which is difficult to project wearing any other type of ring.

White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Starfish Ring

Diamond and sapphire rings have been popular since times immemorial now. Right from the days of kings and emperors you can find instances of sapphire and diamond rings in existence. In fact many historical references point out to instances when wars have been waged over their precious gemstones. Diamonds and sapphires are among the most expensive gemstones. Mankind has always been fascinated with them. Both men and women find jewelry, especially rings made from them bewitching. Although expensive there are people who will go to any extent to own diamond & sapphire rings.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Gone are the days when diamonds were considered only a girl’s best friend. Nowadays you can find even men wearing diamond rings and diamond jewelry. A lot of this has got to do with the celebrity culture. Many top pop stars and sports stars are known to flaunt their diamond jewelry in public making them popular jewelry items. Sapphire & diamond rings are much more than mere pieces of jewelry. They symbolize a certain power and success.

The Window Of Time For Antique Ruby Jewelry

A website with antique ruby jewelry contains pictures of many different rings. The rings differ in both the style of the ring and the nature of the artistry in that ring. Among the pictured rings one finds beautiful, fine metal work. Those posted pictures don’t answer the question that must pester the mind of anyone who has chosen to buy a piece of antique ruby jewelry: What shape should the ruby be? Some antique ruby rings have a round ruby. Other antique ruby rings have a square ruby. The older rings have the quality and workmanship that one expects to find in an antique ring.

US Army Ruby Ring

Slowly but surely, the veterans of World War II are leaving us. Slowly but surly the most likely wearers of antique ruby jewelry are moving on to another realm of existence. Where then should someone go to sight a live human finger bedecked in a piece of antique jewelry? Those who want to make such a sighting should consider visiting the convalescent homes in the United States. They should be on the lookout for women who were born in July of 1912. What is the significance of that month, and how does it relate to antique ruby jewelry?

During the year of 1912, the jewelers of American gathered for a conference. At the conclusion of that conference they put out a new type of list. It was a list of birthstones. The jewelers had selected one gemstone to represent each month of the year. Their list of birthstones appeared in a number of publications. Now back in 1912, new parents did not expect to receive a deluge of mail, much of it about items of interest to first-time mothers and fathers. The children of 1912 did not have access to the number of toy stores and toy departments that children do today.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crystal Anklets – Making the Most out of Them

Crystal anklets can be great pieces to add to your jewelry collection, and you can get them in just about every color imaginable. They present small feminine touches that can bring your footwear to life if you let them. A lot of people don’t even think about emphasizing their anklets though. They throw them on and head out the door. If you want to get the most out of your ankle jewelry, you need to do a bit more than that. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure you actually enjoy your anklets to the fullest.

Crystal Anklets

You should actually be able to see your crystal anklets during the day. If you have pants or a long skirt covering the anklet you want to wear, there is really no point in wearing it. You should have on shorts or a short skirt to draw attention to your feet. That way people will notice your lovely legs and the piece of jewelry that adorns them. Make sure that the top of your shoes do not cover where the anklet is to go. Tennis shoes tend to be a little too bulky for the task. Sleek heels will be your best bet.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christian Crosses - Different Styles of Pendants

The cross is extremely important in the history of Christianity, as it is seen as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. However, predating Christianity, the cross has been used in a variety of different faiths and cultures to depict any number of meanings, from the power of the sun, to a symbol of equality. For this reason, there are many different ways in which a cross can impart meaning besides Christian crosses, although they are the most common type of crosses that you will see in the world.

Blue Sapphire Christian Cross

The cross is seen in churches, naturally, but it may also be used as iconography in cemeteries, in free-standing sculptures, and as a symbol in artworks dating back thousands of years. Today, we see it in jewelry or even tattoos that Christians can adorn themselves with.

Christian crosses are one of the most frequently requested tattoo images, in fact, especially among those who have never gone in for a tattoo before. This is because the imagery is so powerful and meaningful to a great number of people.

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